AdroitLogic IPS: How to get your IPS up and running

Maintaining a home grown integration solution is much more complex due to the necessities of monitoring the infrastructure 24 × 7, handling high availability and scaling according to the demand. As you already know, AdroitLogic IPS come to rescue you from all the above requirements.

Let us look how to get your IPS up and running. You can get an insight to this from this video as well.


  • At least 6GB free Memory
  • At least 6GB free Disk space
  • Mac OS X or Linux x64 Operating system
  • VirtualBox of v5.1.8 or above
  • Internet connectivity with around 2GB of bandwidth quota


  • If you do not have a Docker Hub account, create an account from here.
  • Download and extract the IPS Installer application for your platform from here. We shall refer to the extracted location as <ips_installer>.
  • Download and extract the MySQL JDBC driver v5.1.38 from here. Copy the JAR file inside the extracted archive to the <ips_installer>/libdirectory.
  • Download the file from the download confirmation email and place it in the directory<ips_installer>/conf/license.
Folder Structure of IPS after adding file

Installation steps

  • First, you need to add the <ips_installer>/bindirectory to the system path: export PATH=$PATH:<ips_installer absolute path>/bin
  • To run the IPS_installer, you need to navigate to the <ips_installer>/bindirectory: cd <ips_installer>/bin
  • Now you can run the IPS Installer using : ips_installer start

This will start downloading a “Minikube ISO” unless you have worked with Minikube or IPS before.

  • Go ahead pressing “Y” for the following message
This will download around 1437 MB from internet including required Docker Images to start IPS
Do you wish to continue (Y/n) :
  • Provide your Docker Hub account username and password when prompted. This Docker Hub account will be used for downloading necessary images for the installation.
We need your Docker Hub credentials entered in product download form to download required Docker Images. Your credentials will be discarded once the installation completed
Docker Hub account :
  • When the installation is complete, you can obtain the IP address (VM-IP, which would usually be of the started virtual machine using: ips_installer ip
  • Now using your web browser, you can go to the IPS Dashboard at https://VM-IP:30080. Use the username: admin password: admin to log in to the Dashboard.
IPS Dashboard

Your IPS is now up and running. Have fun with IPS!

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